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Chain Lengths 

16” - This length is the most popular length; and is included with all of the pendants. It looks great with a polo shirt, or button up, as it sits slightly below the base of the neck. If you are a little more solid, you could go with an 18” to get the same fit. 

18” – This chain offers a little more length for people that often wear shirts with a lower neckline. Generally, you want to split the gap between the base of the neck and the top of the shirt. If you have a thin neck, this length would allow you to wear it around a turtleneck, and it will sit just below the neckline. Also, with a bigger pendant some people find that a little bit longer chain tends to make it look more proportional. If you desire this fit but have a thicker build you might consider a 20” chain. 

20” – This length allows you to wear a pendant around a turtleneck. With a very thin neck, you could get the same look with an 18-inch chain. The 20” will also give you a lot of length if you wear very low shirts and would like it to fall lower. For a larger neck the 20” would fit more like the 18” chain. 

24” – This is a great length for people that like to wear their pendants very long. Or if you have a very broad neck this would be a good length. It will also fit over most heads, for people that have trouble with clasps.

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